Carrol Boyes Private Collection Methode Cap Classique 2011

Only premium bunches of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes are selected and hand-picked early in the morning to preserve their freshness, then carefully pressed in whole bunches to extract the optimum essence from these grapes. Once this superior grape juice has been fermented in French-oak barrels and expertly blended it is then bottled with yeast and sugar. The secondary fermentation process then begins which is considered “the birth of the bubble”. During this period, the yeast slowly uses the sugar and creates extra alcohol as well as releasing carbon dioxide, which then dissolves into the wine, forming elegant tiny bubbles. Once the secondary fermentation is complete, the bottles undergo “remuage”, a process of collecting the sediment created during the fermentation process, at the tip of the bottle, whereafter the tip of the bottles are frozen at -28° C, and opened, which allows the pressure generated in the bottles by the fermentation process to expel the frozen sediment,  leaving the wine crystal clear. This process is known as disgorgement.

The final step in creating this celebratory drink is when the bottle is filled to its previous level with “liqueur d’expedition”, a mixture of sugar and wine. This balance is essential in keeping the wine fresh during its lengthy bottle-ageing, as well as during its stay in the top collector’s cellars of the world. The Carrol Boyes Methode Cap Classique has remained on the lees for a minimum of 40 months, to create this elegant and sophisticated sparkling wine.

Only 1000 bottles of this unique bottles were crafted. Every individual bottle is numbered and decorated with a 100% pewter metallic label...the perfect synergy with the Carrol Boyes brand. Every bottle also comes with a certificate of authenticity, which makes this item a very rare collector's item.

The next vintage release will only be available by pre-order.

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