About Barnardt Boyes Wines

About Barnardt Boyes

Barnardt Boyes wines have been born from the collaboration between two old university friends, Neels Barnardt and John Boyes.

Neels has spent many years in the wine industry, while John has extensive experience in the agricultural industry in South Africa.

These two old friends decided to combine their collective knowledge and expertise to start a wine company.

Neels and John settled on a common trademark throughout all the company’s wines, being the initials of each of their respective surnames, BB. This stamp of approval is found on each label and capsule of every distinctive bottle. 


About Carrol Boyes

Carrol Boyes, the well-known South African designer, has partnered with her brother, farmer and financier John Boyes, to create a unique range of limited edition premier wine.

A passion for creativity and craftsmanship flows through these siblings’ veins. The finest wine making has now truly become an art.

Carrol Boyes signature artworks are translated onto the labels of these bottles. The result of this union of art and wine making will become an essential element of well-stocked cellars around the world.

Living is an art, so share, celebrate and collect these limited editions.